Hehkuva Hokka

Hokka, Finland’s most beautiful.
A village for happy people!

Hokka was chosen as Southern Savonia’s Village of the Year in 2011 and we also received a honorary mention in the countrywide Village of the Year 2011 competition.

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Hokka is located in the south part of Kangasniemi, Southern Savonia and it consists of Hokanniemi, Mannila and Ukonniemi. Most parts of Hokka are surrounded by Finland’s 8th largest lake, the lake Puula. Hokka is less than an hour’s drive from Mikkeli, Jyväskylä and Pieksämäki. Guided boating routes can take you to, for example, Otava, Hirvensalmi and Joutsa. Hokka has a population of about 500, with around 1700 summer houses.

Nature is close and both adults and children can easily enjoy it: hunting, fishing, boating and berry-picking are popular leisure time activities. Villagers can meet each other at several events that are organized throughout the year, with Tapiola (home of the local hunting club) and summertime marketplace acting as meeting spots. In 2008, Hokka’s Village Association was founded to support further development of the area, keep up services and provide events, co-operation and meeting opportunities for the villagers.

Hokka marketplace


Hokka has always had a rich cultural life. The poet and professor Otto Manninen and his family are from Rasinkangas, and members of the family still have summer houses in the island of Rämiäinen. Actor and director Janne Reinikainen is from Mannila and our most famous sportsperson is former shot putter Tepa Reinikainen.


Hokka has been mostly focused on agriculture and forestry. EU membership has reduced the number of cattle farms and the remaining ones have grown in size. Ukonniemi has a gardening business and there is still some sawing and building works offered. Several entrepreneurs live in the Hokka area and some commute to work in the nearby cities. The village is a popular spot to return to spend retirement days.


Leisure housing

Compared to the number of regular inhabitants, Hokka has approximately three times as many leisure/summer houses. Traffic and the number of people grow busier during holiday times, which can be seen also in the shops of Kangasniemi and the summer terrace of Käräjäniemi. Most of the leisure houses are equipped with all modern comforts, including Internet, and can be used year-round.

Village Association

Hokka’s Village Association was founded on 4th May, 2008, and it aims to support the development of the Hokka region, keep up services and provide events, co-operation and meeting opportunities for people living in Hokka and coming from elsewhere. You can join the association no matter where you live, as long as you feel a connection to Hokka in your heart! Membership fee for the years 2020 and 2021 combined is 30 € per household and 100 € for businesses. For membership enquiries, contact Riitta Sompa-Hokkanen at riitta.sompa-hokkanen (at) kolumbus.fi.

Hehkuva Hokka-project

In 2010 we carried out a one-year Hehkuva Hokka-project, designed to develop the village and benefit both regular and leisure inhabitants. The project was overseen by Hokka’s Village Association and it received public funds from Veej ‘jakaja, European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and Leader trust. Rest of the funding was provided with voluntary work and by the Village Association. The aim was to develop a united village area with activities and things to do for people of all ages. The year included weekly exercise evenings, lectures, Fridays spent baking together with children, wellbeing services such as massages and facials and several other events. Village summer marketplace was built and it offers local products and an excellent way to get to know villagers, new inhabitants and leisure inhabitants. The project was chosen as Veej ‘jakaja’s Project of the Year 2011.

Hokka Village Co-operative

The Co-op was founded in 2012. It offers services, products, marketing assistance and economic housekeeping, supporting employment and offering opportunities to try out entrepreneurship. In addition, the aim is to increase the wellbeing of Hokka village residents and ensure local services are available as well as possible. If you have a business idea you want to try out risk-free or are seeking employment, contact us. Both individual members and businesses can join the co-op. We also offer a service for leisure inhabitants, where we check on your summer house at an agreed time (for example monthly or following a storm) and contact you if any action or repairs are needed. Contact us for prices.

Hokka Village Co-operative

Why should you move to Hokka?

Hokka has a tempting, clean nature environment and great opportunities to work and spend leisure time. The village is an active place for everyone, leisure time inhabitants and regular inhabitants. Contact us to learn more about free land, housing and services of the village. We have fields, forests, land and water, whatever you need. Come join our positive, happy village, chosen Southern Savonia’s Village of the Year 2011.

Hokka village


Hokka Village Association:

Seppo Lappalainen, chairman, tel. +358 400 570 557, seppo.lappalainen(a)seponkonttori.fi

Arja Hokkanen, vice-chairwoman, tel. +358 40 501 5752

Riitta Sompa-Hokkanen, secretary, tel. +358 40 563 3228, riitta.sompa-hokkanen(a)kolumbus.fi

Hokka Village Co-operative:

Seppo Lappalainen, secretary, tel. +358 400 570 557, seppo.lappalainen(a)seponkonttori.fi